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Happy parents & students are the best refernces for CHHS.


The time spent at Hebrew High is very valuable and productive. Not only do students participate in Hebrew language studies, they also benefit from the wisdom and timeless teachings of the Torah. I am totally enthusiastic about coming to CHH. I love the overall program, teachers and students. Most of all, I love learning Hebrew!

​​A.K., Oak Park


The life lessons that I learned while learning Hebrew have prepared me to be a kinder, more responsible, and happier human being in this chaotic world. One of the biggest lessons I remember learning was to be open minded and to give another person's opinion a chance so we can all learn and grow.

L.E., Westlake Village



I really enjoyed the non traditional style of your class and probably learned more in this class than in my high school philosophy class. My appreciation to you is endless and I will definitely miss my Mondays and Wednesdays but I will definitely put all the Hebrew to good use!

N.M., Thousand Oaks



I am going to the army in Israel after high school and later I am going to study pre-med so I can be a surgeon. Thanks for helping me start the journey!

O.K., Agoura Hills

Thank you for all the Hebrew and inspiration. I am on way to Israel to hopefully join the Israeli Air Force. The lessons you taught me will stay with me forever and really influence my life.

A.G., Agoura Hills



The Hebrew sound-byte phrases were so interesting! I was able to discover my own unique meaning of each saying, and derive from them a way to incorporate something of what I learned into my beliefs.

J.K., Oak Park

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