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Is this program accredited for Foreign Language Credits?


Yes! We are a WASC accredited school.

Do all the high schools accept the Conejo Hebrew High School? 


Yes! You must first speak to your child's counselor. They will give you a one page Foreign Language Form to fill out and for CHHS to sign. It is your responsibility to make the arrangements with the high school and get their authorization.

The school will not accept the transcript without their prior authorization.


What if my child cannot attend every class due to sports or other activities?


Conejo Hebrew High School is a serious program and consistent attendance is key to your child's success. If your child is involved in sports or other activities, please speak to CHHS director to determine if this is the right program for your child. Poor attendance has an adverse affect on your child's final grades and the ability to receive language credits.


What if my child misses a day?


Students are responsible for work, even if they miss class. It is the student's responsibility to speak with their teachers regarding the work they missed. Class work is posted online daily for easy access. Read more about our policies here.


What if my child doesn't read Hebrew?


Our school offers dual tracks and multiple levels in Hebrew instruction. Learn more here.


Is there a lot of homework?


There is limited homework in Hebrew language. Most of the time, the homework will consist of reviewing skills that were learned during class. On occasion, special projects will be assigned that will require further research.




How does the high school receive my child's grades?


They are mailed directly to the high school from our office.


Is this a language program or a Judaic studies program?


The CHHS is a language program with very defined objectives for our students. Please see our ESLRS. In our classic Hebrew text class, students will be exposed to the language, themes and concepts of the Torah and Tanach.


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