Sigal Ratoviz

Head of Hebrew Language Dept.

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Morah Sigal is a master teacher and gifted instructor. Her classes are filled with passion, energy and an animated learning environment. Sigal also directs our popular 'Family Days' when parents and siblings join with our students for holiday celebrations to mark special days on Israel's calendar.

Orly Godliman

Hebrew Language Instructor

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Orly has taught at CHHS since 2006 and has watched the school grow from a handful of students to now over 50! Over the years she has developed a great rapport with all of her students and her greatest thrill is when they return to the school, many years later, 'just to say Hi!' Many of Orly's students have gone to travel Israel to pursue the Hebrew language in different capacities.


Ravit Shemesh

Hebrew Language Instructor

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Ravit is soft spoken and thoughtful. Her humble demeanor is appreciated by her students, imbuing a love for learning and the land of Israel in all of her classes. Her amazing creative abilities and commitment to her students and lessons make her classroom and exciting place to be!


Mushka Friedman

School Registrar

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Mushka has brought a new level of excitement to the Conejo Hebrew High by introducing Cafe Chai, a  relaxed "lounge-style" setting for our students to enjoy. Delicious homemade snacks and schoolwide projects and other activities take place during this time. Mushka is also the school registrar.


Rabbi Mendy Friedman

Judaic & Classical Text Instructor

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Rabbi Mendy is a gifted musician and director of CTeen program. His vast knowledge of contemporary issues and Judaic concepts, together with his acute manner of connecting to teenagers, has made him a favorite of our students.


Rabbi Yitzchak Sapochkinsky


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Rabbi 'Sapo' is the founder and director of the Conejo Hebrew High School. Whether delving into the intricacies of the Hebrew language or sharing one of his many memorable stories or personal encounters, Rabbi Sapo leaves an indelible impression upon all of his students.